ESE Espresso Pods = Perfetto Espresso

Jan 10, 2012



ESE Espresso Pods– Top 5 reasons why they are Perfetto for Espresso

As demand for premium, authentic espresso grows, so too has the range of machines now available to satisfy your every coffee and espresso need at home!

The key in any decision making process is, in my humble opinion, to avoid any capsule system…! In the trade it is called ‘lock and key’ for a good reason! Once you have the machine you can only use the manufacturers capsules… and much like printers and printer cartridges, it is in the sale of capsules that the manufacturer makes his margin

Opt instead for a standard espresso machine…one which pumps at least 8 bar…one which is made by a known brand and which has a steam wand ideally fed by a separate boiler/ heater unit

Such a machine will be able to take loose product, which you can buy from any supermarket as well as ESE espresso pods

If you are mad buy the loose product – make a heck of a mess, over and under dose your espressos and then eventually either drink stale coffee, or throw away half a bag of coffee…

OR, do the sensible thing and join the growing group of espresso aficionados who use ESE espresso pods for a quick, no mess, no fuss fresh espresso hit

Why chose ESE pods

1)      Dead simple to use! Open pack- put in group handle- press button- DRINK! Ahhh

2)      Lots of recipes/ origins/ roasts and suppliers to chose from – variety is the spice of life!

3)      No Mess- No Fuss- Fresh & Perfectly dosed espresso every time

4)      Cheaper than capsules and often cheaper than expensive branded beans or espresso grind packs

5)      Tiny carbon foot print / biodegradable and compostable

Why chose anything else?

For perfect espresso every time ESE Espresso pods  must be on your shopping list…give ‘em a go with our ‘Mixed Up’ ESE pod starter pack…we promise satisfaction or your money back!

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