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Feb 16, 2012



Financing Your Emergency Espresso

I was shocked to read recently that despite the credit crunch and general economic doom and gloom that spending and visits to High Street Gourmet Coffee bars continue to inexorably rise

Apparently, one in ten of us now visit daily and four in ten have admitted to visiting more regularly than they did a year ago

Is this perhaps because inflation is now down, as we hit the anniversary of the VAT increase etc…Are we all starting to feel marginally wealthier again?

Well, whatever the reason, the High Street Gourmet Cafe sector now has a value of £ 2 > 2.5 B pa  and boasts some 15,000 units, due to grow to approximately 18,000 by 2015, with the market roughly evenly split between branded chains, independents and specialist outlets

Annual growth is forecast at 4.5%, which is intriguing, because the old chestnut of where saturation kicks in, suggest that coffee must be starting to steal share of throat from soft drinks etc… And this growth rate also bucks the marginal growth trend forecast by Europe’s largest green coffee traders

The big chains seems convinced that Loyalty cards, adapting brand designs and soft furnishings in unit will continue to make the difference, it may, but let’s also not lose sight of the coffee… and a fair deal for consumers …so when  can we expect cup prices to fall, in alignment to the current coffee commodity market?!

One thing I do know for sure, is that with an average spend per visit of £3-18 in 2011 (down from £3-50 in 2009) the at home gourmet solution offered by ‘do it yourself’ aficionados makes more sense than ever

Whether you use loose product or an ESE Espresso pod….surely brewing at home and using a thermos cup to travel to work is the sensible solution

Not only are you improving your own Barista skills and having some fun and experimentation in the process…you are of course also saving approximately £3 per day… £15 a week and £720 pa… enough for a nice weekend away, or a couple of Francis Francis machines and ESE pod dispensers dotted around the house in case you are caught short and require an emergency perfetto espresso moment!

This article was written by Guru who writes for aromocoffee.co.uk, the UK’s leading online retailer of 44mm E.S.E espresso coffee pods



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