Egg Espresso

Feb 28, 2012



Nordic Coffee culture is unique!

As a region they import almost exclusively fine quality Arabica qualities… and, until relatively recently, they consumed almost exclusively filter or stove top coffees

Espresso was not a trend which looked set to catch on…but then look what happened in an almost exclusively soluble coffee drinking nation, called Great Britain!!

So here we are some 10 > 15 years later with brands like Waynes ,  Tullys , Lavazza and Zoegas leading the way in the High Street espresso revolution in the Nordic region

Despite this, the filter coffee and stove top traditions continue and that is why so many of the larger chains like Costa , Starbucks ( without any notable presence save the odd unit) and the High Street operators, which usually do a good job of selling mainstream whole bean coffees, such as McDonalds, are having a relatively difficult time…

Now coffee which is stewed on a stove top is, over time, going to taste bitter and heavy, but is also going to become cloudy with soluble solids

Famously, there is an episode of ‘I Love Lucy’ where Lucy breaks an egg into a coffee pot before brewing, laughing “my grandma was Swedish”….. Well what’s that all about then?

Guru has done some digging – The traditional theory is that by adding egg and egg shells to stove top filter coffee, it keeps the grounds on the bottom of the pot, making the liquor clear and reducing bitterness! A simple double whammy success eh?!

Googling this recipe also suggest it makes the coffee liquor smooth and delicious for those more accustomed to white coffee with sugar, whilst those with a chemistry ‘O’ level suggest that the proteins in the egg, bind with the acid in the coffee, to neutralize it, making Swedish egg coffee ideal for anyone who loves coffee but has a sensitive stomach….

Aromo won’t be launching an Egg Espresso anytime soon – we are happy with our perfectly formed little range of ESE Espresso pods…but we could consider a ‘Stomach Friendly’ Easy Serve Espresso pod… what do you think dear perfetto espresso aficionados? Is this something that your ESE pod repertoire needs, wants , desires? Answers on a postcard to Monkey please!

This article was written by Guru who writes for, the UK’s leading online retailer of 44mm E.S.E espresso coffee pods


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