Dying for an espresso

Jul 20, 2012



Seems that as a nation we now love espresso so much we need it in all those strange and out of the way places we never knew we required an espresso hit…..  And what better place to join us ‘on the go’ as we enjoy our busy 24/7 lifestyles than in the car?

So, originally we were subjected a few years back to the ‘Mypressi’ – making espresso using N2O pressurised gas canisters…authentic – eh?

And now we have the ‘Handpresso’…described gushingly by its undergraduate marketing team as-

“The world’s first eco friendly non electrical coffee machine, designed to offer you outstanding espresso wherever you want…. with Hanpresso coffee breaks are shared and enjoyed together- make premium quality espresso anywhere!”

Now a very similar unit has appeared from Lavazza…..this unit is built into the centre console of the new Fiat 500L – But don’t worry you can’t brew on the go and potentially kill yourself in the fast lane, this will only ‘tamp up’ when the car is stopped!

The unit uses the Lavazza ‘A Modo Mio’ Nespresso style single serve pods…..so you end up paying a hefty premium for the machine and again for the coffee itself…No fool like a style conscious one eh?!

Interesting also to read the blurb which describes ‘ the new coffee machine, created in collaboration with Lavazza’ considered by CNN anyway to be ‘The Starbucks of Italy’!!

No way back from that me thinks!!

Load up the transit Monkey and lets hit the road with our thermos!

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