Dunk your fine piece in public

Jul 9, 2012



I like a cuppa tea…but not as much as I lurv an espresso… and so I was a tad surprised to hear recently that we Brits are still resoundingly a nation of tea drinkers…78 m mugs a day to be precise!

The majority of tea drinkers still dunk their fine piece, or biscuit, in their muga tea…with one in ten choosing a chocolate bar to be the dunking piece of preference!

Tea is a ‘hug in a mug’ and 63% of our fellow Britons turn to a good cup of tea to help them unwind at the end of a busy day…

Imagine then, if  the Starbucks phenomena was to repeated in the tea sphere?  Surely a heaven or hell choice if ever there was one …but perhaps a choice now not very far from a street corner near you!

Starbucks wants a piece of the $95 B global tea market!

And so plans are afoot to start the assault! Starbucks will open its first Tazo Tea store in Seattle’s University Village, just around the corner from its HQ this October

Starbucks, which has 17,000 locations worldwide, bought Tazo for $8.1 m USD in 1999 and Tazo is now a $1.4 B USD brand

The tea shop offer will consist of 80+ varieties of loose tea, which will be priced by the ounce, and there will be a blending station allowing consumers to get creative and make their own tea blends and beverages for  eat in or take away consumption… a spokesman described it as  a ‘tea playground’

This action, together with the recent $100m cash purchase of ‘Bay Bread’ is all part of a bundle of activities Starbucks is focussing on to  expand offers, improve quality and accelerate growth

Rest assured that if they want it…we will get it…

So prepare to dunk your fine piece in public, as we Brits get led, like a bull by the nose, to another sacrificial consumerist altar!

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