Dumbing Down for Dumb Customers?

Nov 23, 2012



Look whose talking!


The trade was in a lather this week as news filtered through of Debenhams decision to launch and simplified hot beverage menu and descriptor


Gone is cappuccino


Now replaced by ‘frothy coffee’ and latte too has been banished!


In favour of ‘ Really, really milky coffee’


And Americano has now been reduced to ‘simple coffee’….


Yes – Campaign for Plain English has been cited as a supporter and various trade stalwarts have voiced their concerns and their doubts and their worries and their pontifications and most all their own take on what it is the British consumer wants


Dusty and crusty old Boughton’s Coffee House commented it was nine years since it first reported that the ‘older generation, the Debenhams generation, are perfectly well aware of ‘new’ coffee, and very happy about it. …’  Have you ever heard anything quite so po- faced!?

One trade expert announced loudly -“It is like taking the third wave back to the first wave in one dumb swoop, and is very off-trend…..I think it’s not ‘back to basics’ but more ‘coffee for dummies and dodo’s’

Well that’s one way to describe your customers isn’t it? And surely just goes to show how far removed form the very market we serve many in the coffee trade have become….


Recent research by SCAA itself identified that even those coffee drinkers who consider themselves connoisseurs are not necessarily up to speed with the specialty dialect which the trade uses to jazz up / jargonize and protect its vestiges of a Chartered style profession


Number 6: I am not a number, I am a free man! … said the prisoner and in this vein- I say let Debenhams conduct this brave and  left field trial – I for one bet we may all be in for a surprise on the post Christmas café trading results… and if not then at least this is one experiment which can be consigned to the trade bin when we next consider how to engage in a deeper or simpler fashion with our consumers


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