Drinking Espresso Coffee increases 40% in the Winter Months

Oct 17, 2011


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Does it? I am drinking more espresso coffee, or even more coffee (not necs espresso coffee) as it gets colder. As I sit at my desk, shivering in the lower temperatures, the only think that is keeping me warm is a nice cup of espresso based coffee (I am having a ESE espresso at the moment) So does drinking espresso coffee increase when the weather is colder? Perhaps this should be addressed to the espresso drinkers in the UK (just taking another sip of hot coffee,mmmm nice). It’s time to get the heating on and the fires going… Sunday lunches are more hearty with meat and game on the table, followed by a film in the afternoon, espresso coffee and a long walk in the autumn leaves wrapped up with a scarf and wellies. I love this time of year!

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