Drink Coffee and Feel REALLY Good!!

Jun 18, 2013



Coffee makes you live longer

Look better

Prevents baldness and makes you super sexy!

Well….some of the above are true!

Guess which one…yes you got it -Coffee apparently is now thought to help promote life expectancy!

Good eh? Shame it can’t help with the other mid life crises type issues of the 40 something white average male!

But!  Findings have shown that there is indeed a link between moderate coffee consumption and healthy life expectancy

An average of two to five cups – so 200 > 300 mg of caffeine per day reduces the risk of cancer, stroke, heart disease/ diabetes, Parkinson’s disease , liver cancer, liver cirrhosis, gall bladder disease…. amongst a host of other diseases, all of which of course shorten a healthy life span

The research was promoted by ’Ignite’ a research program based at Lagos University hospital

The research project pointed to several other recent large-scale studies, which had proven that coffee was good for human health, this perhaps being largely due to its natural antioxidant content…

The debate continues – but meantime Monkey a perfetto espresso for me dear boy!

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