Dove From above- Espresso as an art form?

Jul 16, 2012



Monster reports, that good ole 1980s, alternative thinking teen’s comedian, Vic Reeves, considers Nespresso a palaver!!

Well done Vic…! Although I have to say, you have been even slower at realising this than your ‘Dove from above’ was at flying!

Seriously, I loved the original incarnation of ‘Shooting Stars’ and thought Vic the undoubted star of his ‘gang bang’… Whether it was art or not is an (un) fair question (!), but certainly millions were entertained by the visual and verbal assault which assailed us every Friday night, in those distant and heady days of ‘Cool Britannia’

I suppose the problem is that as soon as something becomes labelled with the millstone of ‘art’ then all sense of what made it good in the first place is lost in the maelstrom and ’perversion’ which follows…take espresso for instance…now the domain of the latte art cavaliers…. innocent great tasting food…now trounced around playground style by Greg and John T…. and ‘Star in a reasonably priced car’…now forever ruined since Tom Cruise took it to the limit!

Seriously though, there is a nub of something here….. The edges of art have always been a little flaky; a hinterland of somewhere on the way to nowhere… case in point involves a new world record….

Apparently on 26th June a Russian sculptor Arkady Kim made the world’s biggest painting out of coffee beans!

It took Kim two weeks to finish his ‘master piece’ and all of 2 seconds to entitle it ‘Awakening’ …oh yawn…! And it can now be viewed in Gorky Park, Moscow…. ( a now rather disappointing and run down beacon to the cold war intrigue which pervaded until Glasnost and Shooting Stars became the norm)

The artwork is 30 metres square, weighs 240 kilo, or just short over 530 Lbs and is a 30 sq metre , 1 million bean coffee fest …Hmmmm – So  just 4 sacks of coffee to get in the ‘Guinness Book’ of records eh…that’s a fair investment me thinks!

Apparently, the artwork has been gifted to an unnamed roaster in St Petersburg… and wil be appearing in a 250g pack in store near you sometime soon….

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