Do you like the little Espresso Cups? Or do you feel cheated when you get one?

Oct 6, 2011


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I know when I am at a restaurant, and enjoyed a nice meal, I ask for a coffee, and mostly will say yes to the espresso on offer, although it always amazes me how many staff actually say expresso and not espresso. It’s a bit like saying it’s a good ideal, and not a good idea – this is I think a Somerset thing! Anyhow, when you get the espresso it arrives in the smallest cup you have ever seen, and sometimes I feel a little hard done by. Perhaps I should have ordered a normal coffee (whatever that is) and had a longer drink like an americano. Then I realised that all good coffee starts with an espresso. So a little hot water or milk can make all the difference. But please stop calling it Expresso!!


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