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Aromo ESE pods are perfect for machines made by Delonghi that have the ESE logo on them, so I have highlighted here what to look for on the Delonghi coffee pods machines to confirm it is suitable.

Delonghi coffee pods ESE logoThis my espresso machine which I very much recommend, by the way, a Delonghi EC80B, and you can see it has the ESE pod logo on the top right corner.

ESE Logo and pod

This is the third Delonghi espresso machine I have owned over the years and I have been very happy with them, but this new one is the best as it is so simple to use’. As well as the ESE pod logo printed on the machines most delonghi machines have a special pod insert for the filter holder and often the correct insert will have an image of a pod impressed into the metal.

Aromo Delonghi Coffee Pods

All of the ese pods below will work with Delonghi coffee pod machines that show the ESE symbol.

Aromo Boost ESE coffee pods   Aromo Bounce ESE coffee pods   Aromo Buzz Lite ESE coffee pods   Aromo Buzz ESE coffee pods   Mixed Up selection odf ESE coffee pods by Aromo


The full selection of ese pods can be viewed here. The French Roast, Buzz pods, are darker roasted for a fuller flavour, the Bounce are 100% Arabica beans and the Boost have a touch of robusta beans to increase the crema created. For a decaffeinated version choose the Buzz Lite pods, and if you cannot make up your mind there is a Mixed Up selection pack. The Guild of Fine Foods at their Taste awards in 2013 awarded a Gold Star to both the Boost and Buzz Lite varieties, which was a great honour. Not only were these the only coffee pods given an award the Buzz Lite was the only decaf. coffee recognised as worthy, so rest assured these pods are the best you can get.

De’longhi Coffee Pod Machines that take ESE coffee pods





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