Corporate Espresso Litigation

Feb 21, 2012



Corporate Espresso – Hitting the wrong button

Guru has heard that poor old monolithic corporate Kraft Foods is having to withdraw 1.7 m Tassimo espresso machines from the market place

In addition, Kraft will also withdraw an eye-watering 4 m coffee discs!

It appears many users have suffered serious burns after using the malfunctioning machines

A total of 140 cases have been reported, 37 were serious, with users of the Tassimo nightmare receiving second degree burns instead of a coffee or hot chocolate

Most concerning a 10 year old girl was hospitalised after suffering serious burns to her face and neck – We sincerely wish her a speedy recovery

Kraft has advised the problem only applies to US machines…..But I am sure many UK users will now be very vary….

And indeed whenever using espresso equipment, safety is an important topic… boiling water and high pressure are a dangerous pairing….

From my perspective the real problem is that Kraft is not an innovator…..they simply follow and copy cat great, high margin ideas, at a lower cost…

Nespresso and single serve is one of the greatest developments in the coffee trade in the last 15 years….

Kraft’s original answer, the Singles concept was well… poor to say the least….delivering nothing more than expensive Senseo style coffees and soluble mixes

Many years of development by a cost focussed committee then brought us Tassimo which has universally failed to set the domestic single serve market alight…

Here at Aromo we love the ESE espresso pod because you know what – it is dead simple!

Like the simple robust espresso machines it is used in it has been road tested for many, many years- it works!

Form and function beautifully combined to make fabulous single serve espresso

The corporates however hate it! Because it’s not ‘lock and key’….’suit speak’ for a closed system

Believe the marketing rhetoric and the closed system becomes a style statement and desirable lifestyle… put your thinking head on, just for one moment and you quickly realise it is indeed nothing more than spin and hot air…

ESE espresso pods… perfetto espresso each and every time, with no mess, no fuss, no waste, no rip off and no land fill nightmare!

This article was written by Guru who writes for, the UK’s leading online retailer of 44mm E.S.E espresso coffee pods


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