Senseo Coffee Pods


Aromo make 62mm Coffee Pods which are for use with Coffee Pod style Machines like the Phillips Senseo®* and Filter Coffee Pod brewing machines. Water passes evenly through the Aromo coffee pad to ensure, unlike regular filter coffee machines, a consistent and great taste in every cup of coffee.

Aromo’s pods are different, as we pack a whole 2g more of coffee into each giving a fuller cup, a fuller flavour and offering better value for money. Ours are uniquely 9g each not the normal 7g our competitors sell.

Our trademark rich crema is formed during the coffee making process in a foaming compartment of your machine. This seals in the aroma so that you can savour the great taste and smell of freshly brewed coffee, everyday.

* ‘Senseo’ is the Registered Trade Mark name of Sara Lee / DE N.V and any use of the term is an indication of product use and compatibility only. SENSEO® is a registered trademark. Aromo coffee pads are not made by Senseo. These are our own coffee pods that are suitable for using in a machine such as a Philips senseo or Kenwwod Mokabista coffee pad machine.