Coffee Smell: Whats the best smell in the world? Espresso Coffee?

Waking up up to a great Coffee smell:

Do you wake up and love the smell of fresh Espresso Coffee?

I Love coffee and the smell of coffee (coffee smell) – that’s perhaps one of the reasons that I have a company that sells espresso coffee. (Nespresso compatible capsules, Espresso coffee,ESE coffee pods and Senseo coffee pods) But in life you know there are very few smells that really get your mind, body and soul going – the smell of fresh coffee never ceases to amaze me -I smell it everyday, but just like home baking and freshly cooked bread; this smell is still amazing. It’s a smell that you never forget, and it always brings back memories of events in ones life. There are not many things that can do that. Perhaps photographs? But smell is an instantaneous thing – and it can transport you to a different time in the past and place in the world.

Some of my favourite smells (other than Coffee)

Like you, I am sure that coffee smell is important. It is a major factor in deciding whether you want to taste, drink or eat something – or just smell it (like a flower). My favourite smells are: Krispy Kreme donuts, Disneyland Main Street. Coffee, Espresso coffee, Hot toast, freshly baked bread or cakes, Fresia flowers and the interior of a new car!

Great Smelling Espresso coffee pods:

Even when I have a blocked nose, espresso coffee still gets through. and it’s not just the lovely aroma! It gets your brain going and in my case, my creative juices! I get up and am ready for action. So whats the best smell you have ever experienced? We want to hear what you like – and maybe if we find the right smell we will combine it with the smell of espresso coffee and see what happens!

This article was written by Aromo the Monkey. Aromo writes for, the UK’s leading online retailer of E.S.E espresso coffee pods  and Nespresso® compatible Coffee Capsules