Coffee Shoppes – New Temples of Learning?

Jul 13, 2012



When coffee was first introduced to these shores in the mid 1650’s, the coffee shops which subsequently sprang up quickly became a hot bed of learning, debate and intellectual rigour – Such that the coffee shops commonly became known as the ‘penny universities’

Today, it seems that for many twenty something’s, the coffee shop is indeed the ‘third place’….with an ambience often more akin to a library or lecture theatre ….and within that space learning and creativity can flow unimpeded…. all supported rather conveniently by a recent study, issued by that august institution, the University of Illinois!

This study proposes that those who work with a moderate degree of background noise have a greater likelihood of thinking in a creative way!

(By which they mean 70 decibels  – Compare this to May 1976, when The Who were listed as the “record holder “ for loudest live concert, at 126 decibels, measured at a distance of 32 metres from the speakers, of a concert at Charlton Athletic Football Ground!! )

Why this level of noise….??  Well, apparently, it is simply that this noise level distracts the person and allows a different type of broader thinking to emerge!

JK Rowling apparently wrote early ‘Harry Potter’ in a Scottish cafe and Bob Dylan is alleged to have penned ‘Blowin’ in the Wind’ at Fat Black Pussycat in NY…..all of which really sums to naught!

Because, of course, as far as we concerned, the cafe can only be as good as the coffee it serves… And so Coffea Arabica is in fact the engine of this creativity…. and Monkey (best when very noisy!) is a past master at blending and roasting Arabica to produce a superlative and creative brew… otherwise known as perfetto espresso – ENJOY the simple pleasures!

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