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Nov 4, 2013



It’s Growth Time Folks


Where ever you care to look in the global coffee trade…during good times or bad…high or low prices… the one constant these past five years has been growth


It is a growth business on a growth trend with some sectors on a stellar growth trajectory


From the sublime to the ridiculous growth is the buzzword… take a look at an obvious market for café culture…like Nepal (!) and the news is that consumption is on the rise


Almost all Nepalese coffee is organically grown – whether certified by the EU off the shelf busy bodies or not…. And in a 700,000 strong city of inhabitants such as Katmandu Valley daily coffee sales now exceed 300 kilo…


May not sound much but that equates to nearly half a kilo a person – WOW!


Coffee outlets, including Himalayan Java, Coffee Talk Nepal, Himalaya Beanz, Magic Beanz, Annapurna Coffee Shop and Road House Café, estimate that the local coffee market has been growing at a rate of 15-20% annually in recent years…. And all indicators show there is little sign of the growth abating!


And now for those of you who like your caffeine with a shot of technology – the sublime growth story is that of AVT Technologies INC – they have  launched a new gourmet vending system which –


‘….has hit another home run… the Next Generation system, utilizes an Android-based operating system that allows customers to make selections and payments via their cellular telephones….’


‘From freshly ground espresso to a delicious mocha, the new AVT units deliver 15 different blends that are as good or better than the finest coffee shop or barista-brewed beverage…’


Some assertion and one, which you can view if, not test at –


Certainly if the proliferation of Costa Express sites/ signs and units is any barometer of the on the go habit this $800 m automated coffee market place is set for the big time  appearing at a corner shop near you very soon!


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