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Guru Shares his knowledge of Coffee and his tasting of the Aromo coffee is all here…

Boost ESE Espresso Coffee Pod

Description: We’ve taken ages over this beauty! A finely balanced blend of great Brazil Daterra Bourbon, Costa Rican Strictly High Grown for the ‘Ooomph’, Honduras Strictly Hard Bean for the acidity Old Java Brown for that ‘ Je nes sais quoi’ and of course the obilgatory super fine quality Grade 1 Robusta from Uganda

A complex and intense, full espresso, with bitter sweet notes , chocolatey scrumptiousness and a creamy, dry finish – Quite simply superb and you won’t find another one like this….

44mm-ese-coffee-pod-boostBoost Espresso Coffee Pod Tasting Notes:

Depth of Colour in Cup: Dark golden in cup liquor
Cup Roast Intensity: Full and Strong – Satisfying and deep
Body: Spicy and full – Complex and alluring
Acidity: Fine lower levels of acidity enhancing structure and composition
Fullness: Considerable and fulfilling – Velvety and delicate
Good aromas: Exquisite – Pronounced and refined

Seductive and complex. A Grand Cru Espresso. The skill of the artisan roaster fulfills an intense and rewarding espresso experience.

This is something special, to share with friends at the close of a fine meal, or to enjoy in those quiet and reflective moments of your day

Partner – Old world refinements in an age of virtual pleasure… Be bold and chose a fine Sancerre to wash and cleanse those citrus notes…or chose the diplomatic option and marry with a Margaux and wallow in sheer old school excellence

Think Stockholm, Budapest or even Madrid… Order, sip and drift… Allow the bustle of the Blue Hall and Borgargården, together with the Nordic sun, to wash your senses

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Bounce ESE Espresso Coffee Pod

Description: For those of you out there who insist upon a 100% Arabica espresso, we offer this little piece of ‘sex on a stick’

Our old favourite the Brazilian Daterra Bourbon and more than a generous hint of Sumatran Mahandeling

Expect crema heaven with this thick and curvvy bodied beauty, between a typical French and Italian espresso roast… Creamy yet full and satisfying, with the Sumatran providing a wonderful baritone of bitter sweet dark chocolate

ESE Coffee Pods 100% Arabica from AromoBounce Espresso Coffee Pod Tasting Notes:

Depth of Colour in Cup: Just beyond bright and shimmering into the dark authenticity of a Naples cafe break
Cup Roast Intensity: Strong – Burnt notes of oily smooth exotic spice
Body: Full – Sensual all encompassing ‘caffeine candy’
Acidity: Delicately balanced, a hushed floral hint
Fullness: WOW – New and exciting levels of mouth feel
Good aromas: Balanced, strong and decadent

Classic Perfetto espresso, mature and complex, thrilling and seductively under stated. For those with taste and refinement who demand the 100% Arabica quality seal.

Partner – For the ultimate hedonistic pleasure, enliven the very tips of your sensual being and enjoy with a Rioja Alta Gran Reserva 904

Think Paris,Nice or even Vienna…. Join the beautiful people in Carré d’Or and for a moment reflect on what may be

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Buzz ESE Espresso Coffee Pod

Description: Good for all occasions, this simple, yet effective recipe came about through a happy coincidence in Monkey’s kitchen

Brazil Daterra Bourbon mixes, as if made in heaven, with our outstanding, premium Vietnamese ‘A’ Wet Polished. Simple – Yet devestatingly effective – Clean, bright, smooth, dark and bold, Italian style roast, for the true espresso addict

ese coffee pods 44mmBuzz Espresso Coffee Pod Tasting Notes:

Depth of Colour in Cup: Medium bright, Amber on the spoon
Cup Roast Intensity: Medium Full – Redolent of smokey pralines
Body: Medium Full – Rich and Long with a smooth dark chocolate piquancy
Acidity: Smooth, Mellow, berry like over tones
Fullness: Medium – A Lingering sensation of nutmeg and balsamic
Good aromas: Balanced and Harmonious – Molasses and freshly crushed vanilla pods enthral your pallette

Typical Mediterranean Espresso and ‘ground zero’ for the current gourmet coffee craze … Authentic , Real, Sensual… This is the liquor which courses through the arteries of Rome until the dawn of the new day

Character defining quality – An everyday espresso, to be treated with respect and reverence to the skill and art of the roaster.

Partner – With Pinot Grigio DOC or Montepulciano, or step to the left bank, and hard wire your sensations with Alvarinho Vinho Verde

Think Rome, Milan or even Lisbon….Hop off the Tram from Baixa and take a break whilst you indulge in some people watching.

monkey from aromo coffee pods

Buzz Lite ESE Espresso Coffee Pod

Description: For you Lite Luvvers out there this is a fine quality Decaffeinated espresso

A 100% arabica blend of the finest South American coffees carefully decaffeinated…no caffeine but still the espresso Buzz

Dark and full bodied with a satisfying tan crema

decaf ese coffee podsBuzz Lite Espresso Coffee Pod Tasting Notes:

Depth of Colour in Cup: Medium bright, clear and golden
Cup Roast Intensity: Medium Full – Smoky wityh hints of fresh cocoa
Body: Medium – Refreshing and inspiring
Acidity: A light and delicate hintof verve
Fullness: Medium – Burnt , Full and Satisfying

Good aromas: Stimulating roasted barley and freshly made bread, unite with a hint of summer dandelion. Caffeine light, but still authentic perfetto espresso. A golden clear liquor and luxuriant crema – Appearances can be deceiving!

Partner – Enjoy on its own, as you reflect on the successes of your day, or indulge with a New World White Zinfandel

Think LA – Roller Blading, body surfing, or just dreaming in the endless summer