Coffee Conundrum!

Oct 7, 2013



Too Much Coffee OR Too few drinkers?

With Brazilian farmers burning sacks of coffee beans and demanding larger government handouts, the heady days of + $3 / Lb just a few years back seem a distant and to many, happily buried memory!

But the reality is that most pundits believe we will not see much action this side of the next frost season on prices which are now seemingly firmly entrenched in a $1 > 1.20 range

This despite the much advertised impact of La Roya (Coffee Rust) in Central America…  which  for example has pushed the forecast El Salvador crop for the 2013 / 14 down 36%  and the poorer and wetter summer/ winter season  and the depreciation in many major currencies

In the case of Brazil a weakening of the Real by 9.4% has pushed up exports of many commodities such as grains, cotton and beef, and talk of government subsidies to farmers has created shivers of market excitement and expectation –  BUT! For coffee, all the forex readjustment has achieved is a nibble at the vast coffee inventories, which are sitting, unloved and unsold

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