Coffee – Can you afford to do business?

Jun 16, 2013



Coffee – The Cost of Business


You perhaps did not know dear reader…. That until 8 weeks ago the Colombian Coffee farmers and their Cooperative FNC were on national strike

Big news? Well yes it is or was….as the Colombian crop is still a major contributor to the world coffee scene both in volume terms, but also more importantly in the respect of quality

The strike had of course helped firm Colombian differentials – not that much help was required following the last few years of poor harvests!

But the strike was brought to an end earlier in March after the government pledged a massive $450  US dollars in price fixing support grants and loans…  

 The strike had seen at least 40,000 coffee farmers sitting idle across the coffee growing regions since February. The original protests being focused on low price concerns…

I am not sure that this deal is such a good deal for us dear drinkers…!

Price fixing in any form is not to be condoned…. When such practices were witnessed a few years ago in the German retail market place, some big brands and hitters suffered some grisly fines…  how then can the other end of this short and direct supply chain be encouraged into such dubious practices…?

Answers on a post card to Monkey please!

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