Coffee Becomes Agrimoney

Jun 27, 2012



We here at Aromo are simple beasts…wondering the hinterland of the Cotswolds…enjoying local ale,  the occasional bike ride and homemade sausages

So when we hear of new fangled words it makes us confused…..what was wrong with the previous incarnation of said verbal description?

A new word fell upon my disbelieving ears this week…maybe you have heard of it before…but it was a first to this simple man of 20 years coffee trade experience –


The term was used by Reuters to advise us that the ICO (International Coffee Organisation) has advised that coffee consumption will ‘soar 25% to 2020’

Interesting that the ICO is perhaps just a tad over a year late in making this outstanding forecast – YES – It’s true !! BREAKING NEWS!! Coffee consumption is growing and every single market player now realises this…driven both by burgeoning single serve solutions and new consumption in the BRICS nations! Well-done ICO – pleased to know you care!!

To put some figures around this, since the year 2000, coffee demand has grown steadily by 2.5% pa , led by an average 4.3% annual growth in the BRICS emerging territories… If such growth continues, then we get to the ICO’s forecast of c 170m bags green coffee by 2020…this vs their current forecast of c 138 m bags

This concurs with Neumann ( One of the world’s largest and most respected greencoffee traders)  who also recently advised of world demand for green coffee moving rapidly to the 170m 60 kilo bag mark… The issue thereafter is where this coffee will come from and how the new markets and consumer demands will be serviced

This year we are ok, with a record bumper Brazil crop at +55m bags… It is in subsequent years, as Brazil moves to (ok – an ever upwards – but none less lower) down cycle crop, that we may start to see world certified stock coming under pressure and hence commodity market prices rise again

Meantime, the NYC finds 2 years lows, moving below 150c / Lb and we have the typical ‘ebb and flow’ news of Cameroon Arabica showing +20-% YonY growth and Uganda  experiencing a -32% fall YonY

The trials and tribulations, eh?

Time for a perfetto ESE espresso coffee pod or connoisseurs Senseo filter  coffee pod whilst we debate and cogitate on those new words which Monkey could use….!

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