Coffee and Espresso – What’s that?

Jul 6, 2012



From the outside looking in, we Brits are strange bunch of human kind…

Our dear continental cousins calling us the island monkeys… or le roast boeuf, has never really had a resonance with me…I merely considered it additional proof of their inferior intellect and football skills!:)

However, news that despite the Uk being leaders in the branded café bar chain phenomena we remain a nation of avid tea luvvers, had me catatonic with insecurity!

Apparently, good ole Travelodge Hotels has commissioned research, which surveyed 5,000 random Brits and which shows, that as a nation, we consume 78 MILLION Mugs of tea each and every DAY!

We like to start our hot beverage day at 8 am and 53% rely upon a good ole cuppa char to get us going…only 35% apparently preferring the coffee caffeine route!

It’s not age or region skewed either, which was my first thought! Apparently, 51% of 18 – 24 year olds start their day… around midday that is…with tea!

Well I never did! Who would have thought it eh? We have quite clearly been bitten by the gourmet coffee bug and yet we can’t kick the old habits… well other than the fact that we prefer a mug to china cup and saucer… and a dunked tea bag to a tea pot that is…so same religion different god?

There is no doubting – Tea is comforting, personal, traditional and relaxing….coffee is social, about the third place and expensive!

But I am surprised to hear that tea is apparently now where it is at…

Young urbanites are following celebrities such as Lady Gaga and Padma Lakshmi and embracing the ‘liquid jade’ as a hip and healthy lifestyle option…Perhaps  tea really is an inspiring brew as well as being  ‘a way of life’…? In which case all hail our Welsh brothers and sisters, who are heaviest UK drinkers…you are ahead of the trend curve!


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