Cliff Richard – Espresso Bongo?

Mar 5, 2012



Expresso Bongo!! 🙂

I love Cliff Richard!

I am a big fan ….

He is without doubt fab, gear and ace… and in one of his earliest films, 1959s ‘Expresso Bongo’ he brought us some great tunes, like ‘A Voice in the Wilderness’, and of course a now historically beautiful insight into the British coffee bar craze of the 1950s and 1960s

More interestingly though, is the historical perspective of what is the correct spelling for  what we today know and love as espresso…should we after all be asking for perfetto expresso,  expresso ESE pod or easy serving expresso?

The word espresso is supposedly a derivation of EXPRESS (squeezing or expressing) EXPRES ( speed as in a steam train) and ESPRESSO (Expressly and individually served) and the espresso machine originally acquired its name by making a cup of coffee ‘expressly for you’

Most pundits agree the correct word is espresso, in a similar fashion to the fact that ‘biscotti’ and ‘panini’ are plural and so asking in your best pigeon Italian for ‘biscotto’ or a ‘panino’ would, whilst being grammatically correct, be unintelligible

Urban dictionary offers a simpler assessment, advising Expresso is:

‘A made up word used by total dwankers who think that they are ordering a stylish beverage but have in fact totally f**ked-up the pronunciation’

So that’s that cleared up then!

So when and how did we move from using the ‘X’ variety of Expresso to the ‘S’ variety?

Seems to be a factor of the passage of time and also the implied provenance of the current espresso gourmet coffee trend,  which of course has been lead by English speaking territories such as the good ole US of A where historical inaccuracy is often viewed as allowable…..

But for the sake of clarity Guru can confirm:

Espresso is the Italian spelling


Expresso the Spanish spelling


At Aromo we argue that either variant is acceptable…more important is enjoying your perfetto espresso moment and using the common sense solution of a beautifully formed easy serving espresso ESE pod!

This article was written by Guru who writes for, the UK’s leading online retailer of 44mm E.S.E espresso coffee pods



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