Cheaper coffee is more expensive!

Jun 25, 2012



It’s Official !

You’ve been drinking poorer quality coffee and probably paying more for it to boot!

Yes ladies and gents, it is now official and fully supported by the latest International Coffee Organisation (ICO) report…you have indeed been drinking lower grade coffees these last few years…

The reason why, is a simple fact that the NYC, this time last year, was at record highs above $3/ Lb

Meantime, the good old LIFFE Robusta market was ‘dawdling about’ not doing much- the resulting arbitrage between the two indexes suddenly made Robusta and steamed Robusta an interesting and economic buy!

As a result your good old friendly corporate roaster rushed out and bought tons of Robusta and fiddled about with their blends – to make ’em a tad cheaper and maintain their margins

Nothing new really for the big boys, who spend a lot of their time and efforts not blending to achieve a better or more consistent roast – but to achieve the technical nirvana of flavour families – whereby different cheaper original coffees are interchangeable with their more expensive brethren!

The new bit however this time, is that the scale of this ‘smoke and mirrors’ activity has now officially been proven…..Reuters reports that in the US market place for example, there was a jump in Robusta imports in Q1 2012 of 80% year on year, whilst Arabica imports dropped by knocking on for 40% – this on top of a tripling of Robusta purchases throughout 2011!

Reuters comments that such swings in imports ‘reveals the surprising extent of substitution’….

And to many pundits is simple proof that the big corporate brands maintain their secret recipes, only to enable margin maintenance at the expense of quality and consistency of performance

As the market now eases back I doubt we will see the brands rushing to reinstate their original recipes… why should they? We have got accustomed to the cheaper stuff- so enjoy!

Only one major brand has had the strength of character to admit to flavour family engineering and increased Robusta usage – Massimo Zanetti – who supply Hills Brothers and Chock full o’ Nuts – and is known here in Europe as Segafredo owned up to increasing Robusta in their blends to keep prices down

Well done for being honest Mr Zanetti! We Salute you!

Aromo has not fiddled with its blends – we have spent much time and effort in Monkey’s kitchen to get these recipes right…and it would seem a shame to save and shave a few pence here and there for the sake of sacrificing something special and unique… we hope you agree!

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