Candid Comments About Candis!

Nov 7, 2012




Travelling to see a client recently, in the fair Emerald Isle, I stumbled upon a mag at Birmingham Airport which I have never heard of before – “Candis”


A magazine focused on ‘Health, Happiness and Family Life’ none the less… and within the bumped and curled pages of this new age ‘Readers Digest’, I happened upon a two page feature on coffee machines  – and those that deliver practicality and freshness subject to ‘rigorous testing’


Now I don’t need to tell you – otherwise I would not be writing about this unfortunate rag, that it was perhaps the worst example of ‘undercover advertising’ that old Guru has ever read… a cheap, new magazine aching for wordage, sells its soul for a few free coffee machines and hey presto we have an advisory article…


This little ditty didn’t challenge, or investigate, or ask a professional, or indeed a member of the coffee drinking public to comment and assess……No sir – so we have the dubious winner of “Best Space Saver’ as Nescafe’s Dolce Gusto and ‘Best for the Connoisseur” as Nescafe’s Nespresso and “Best for frothy coffee” as Delonghi!!


Yawn and eye wash and piffle as my old head master would have said… The article didn’t ever mention the wonderfully simple eco friendly ESE pod nor the equally simple Senseo pod…..Why  ? Because they are not sexy – they are the smart choice- the non lock and key choice for the informed consumer… and an informed consumer can be a dangerous thing!


The only glimmer of any impartial advice was  to recommend the now sub £50 Morphy Richards Nesta as a “Best Overall” filter machine… and judging by its review on You Tube I might have to investigate this little thing – hopefully with some  roast and ground Boost and Bounce which will be coming to our  web shop very soon!


Here at Aromo we try to keep things real and to keep business grounded… we are three guys genuinely trying to do our best- enjoying coffee and living the fact that you good people seem to like what it is we make!

Those in the know and we here at Aromo understand great coffee is not about the marketing and Tom Cruise style cocktail goings on..its about great quality coffee…fresh water …good pressure and the time and skill to make and enjoy your espresso moment

Guru ( Andy Grelak) writes for Aromo Coffee – They are coffee experts focussed on providing convenient and tasty ways for the caffeine addict to take their medicine. Aromo supplies excellent ESE Coffee pods and superlative Senseo pods,  both of which offer the espresso and filter connoisseur  a no mess, no fuss,  super fresh and environmentally conscious method to make stunning coffee… the guys at Aromo also have a range of Dualit branded capsules which make a brilliant and economic alternative to nespresso capsules

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