Caffeine Olympics

Oct 24, 2012



Lazy Monkey!!

Shock horror dear reader –  I noticed Monkey in the kitchen this morning reaching for the Nescafe ‘Alta Rica’ as a bleary eyed substitute for his normal caffeine fix from the French press or Cafetiere!

Nearly fell over and hit the Francis Francis, which we use come mid morning elevenses and the later after noon and evening lull which is (for us anyway) perfetto espresso time…..

But all of this got me to thinking – which is the fastest way to get a caffeine fix from coffee…not the best , the tastiest , the trendiest but the fastest?

So, I have been conducting some technical research in the kitchen this morning –  and can report the following results-

In first place – The dreaded jar of instant, or perhaps even worse still those new micro grind blends, where 10 > 15% of a micro grind dark roast R&G has been blended into the pre freeze dried liquor…

Fill kettle and switch on (10 Seconds) reach into cupboard and grab cup and jar (10 seconds) spoon the stuff into cup (5 seconds) wait for kettle to boil (1 minute 30 seconds) and hey presto, a brown liquid is available for your delight, in a total of  just under 2 minutes if you are double  quick about it!

In second place, there is the Francis Francis…now this is a little more of an in-exact science, because my little machine tends to have a mind of its own when coming to temperature from a cold standing start. But on a good day I reckon it could be ready a little over 3 minutes,leaving me 20 seconds to grab my preferred pod, open packet, place into group handle , position espresso cup and press the ‘relief valve’ for espresso heaven to start pouring!

All in all less than 4 minutes on a good day and a quality night and day versus the instant!

Other options such as Mocha pot and my trusty old French Press take a little longer still – allowing for a full kettle to boil and then for the grounds to be sufficiently infused in my cafetiere means at least 6 > 7 minutes before I can get my hit … and the Mocha pot probably is little better at a good 6 minutes…

Finally  then, the remaining single serve options for the home counties set offer a range of qualities, but probably all come in around the 5 minute mark – these including Senseo and Nespresso, that is assuming you can make your decision on what to drink from the enormous Nespresso portfolio without fainting, fitting or simply just giving up!

So in summary – Guru’s top tips for speediest route to a caffeine fix

No 1 – The Dreaded Instant

If you have to, go for one of the Micro grinds OR ‘Alta Rica’-  Hit received in possibly less than 2 minutes on a good day, but in terms of quality a non starter and perhaps a good reason to call a sickie halt to proceedings!


No 2 – Guru’s trusty Francis Francis with my favourite ESE pod (Easy Serve Espresso!)  ‘Boost’

Caffeine heaven and exceptional quality in less than 4 minutes with no wind assist!


No 3 – The evil corporate behemoth Nespresso or if you are still in the nineties Senseo

Both delivering a fix of variable quality in perhaps a tad under 5 minutes


And finally bringing up the rear the crutch of the Waitrose shopper and student dig – the French press and Mocha pot respectively …dawdling along in anything from 7 > 10 minutes

 Filter was a non-starter and old percolator was still in the box in the loft and was a no show!




Those in the know and we here at Aromo understand great coffee is not about the marketing and Tom Cruise style cocktail goings on..its about great quality coffee…fresh water …good pressure and the time and skill to make and enjoy your espresso moment
Guru ( Andy Grelak) writes for Aromo Coffee – They are coffee experts focussed on providing convenient and tasty ways for the caffeine addict to take their medicine. Aromo supplies excellent ESE Coffee pods and superlative Senseo pods,  both of which offer the espresso and filter connoisseur  a no mess, no fuss,  super fresh and environmentally conscious method to make stunning coffee… the guys at Aromo also have a range of Dualit branded capsules which make a brilliant and economic alternative to nespresso capsules

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