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Mar 22, 2012



Espresso Credential

Someone made the interesting and insightful comment to me the other day that ‘coffee is just like wine, except different’ …yes quite… I was able to prevent myself from falling off my perch! But it did get the old cogs turning and my grey matter focussed on the economic case for this popular analogy

I am an old cynic – Simply by relating coffees to wine I see an opportunity for:

The roaster or the retailer to confuse the average consumer with science, smoke and mirrors… and much like a brand positioning…

…Charge an additional premium for an imperceptibly better, or often inferior product

…Or to ‘move on’ product which is at or near its sell by…In the coffee world this is called past crop coffee or certifieds

I sense dear reader that you too are old enough and wise enough to understand the score here!

The reality is that coffee cannot really be compared to wine…or single malt whisky, or indeed gourmet cheese… because mainstream coffees have minimal flavour variance

The key to flavour is roast colour. Some original coffees suit a lighter roast, others a medium and some a dark roast. Simply to roast to medium / light medium / dark medium is often a copout me thinks

Yes, there are indeed coffees at each end of the flavour profile spectrum… sublime coffees that do not cost the earth, such as Captain Cook… a good Djimmah… a dark Cuban Serrano and then the  ridiculous such as an Ivory Coast … or a Brazil Minas… which are in many cases, so astringent and unusual as to be almost unpalatable…. and therein lies the reason coffee I believe cannot be compared to wine…

95% of coffees are within the realms of a fine Burgundy… so imagine a wine tasting consisting only of Burgundies with the odd tipple of ’Village’ or similar mixed Tetra pack fair from the EU wine mountain thrown in for good measure and you start to picture why and how it won’t work…

Subsequently, we then move into the world of coffee pairings… a bit like a wine flight with a gourmet tasting menu… and again it doesn’t really work… as exemplified by one of the pairing suggestions I have seen recently of Indonesian or Guatemalan coffee with a Brownie…hmmmmm…hold on tight ma….it isn’t really rock n roll is it?!

So you know what – let’s keep it simple…!

We suggest you pair your favourite Aromo ESE pod with whatever you choose!  Perhaps a certain time of the day… or as a treat when business is finished…or simply to relax with like an old friend ….. espresso is at the heart of many perfetto moments, use ESE easy serving espresso pods to keep it simple and keep it real…..

This article was written by Guru who writes for, the UK’s leading online retailer of 44mm E.S.E espresso coffee pods

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