Black Ivory- One Step Beyond

Jun 5, 2013



Ok we all know about Kopi Luwak and the plight of the poor smelly civet in making a $350 dollar per pound beverage

But now a Canadian business man has gone ‘ one step beyond’ and created and marketed a new brand called ‘Black Ivory’ and this, dear reader, is coffee excreted by that most humble and endearing of endangered species the elephant!

 The beans which have been so processed and then roasted post digestion are supposed to have a smooth and earthy flavor and at the cost of now $500 dollar per pound or approximately $50 a cup! I am going to have to change the habit of a lifetime and believe another expert when he or she tells me how this ‘new’ coffee phenomena tastes!

Again, price reflects supply and in 2012 just 110 Lbs of the stuff was made available although the speed of change could be slower than expected, as currently just 20 elephants are employed!

Apparently because herbivores such as elephants use fermentation for digestion the effect on the bean is desirable and pleasing… unlike Monkey dear hearts who is most unpleasant even at the best of times…now be a good lad and crank up the machine Monkey I am simply parched awaiting my daily Boost!

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