Big Boys Go all Gooey on us!

Jun 29, 2012



Interesting tit bits fell from the markets lips today… most insightful of all was the news that Brazil (the differentials for which have firmed noticeably in the last week) is an origin ‘under fire’ from the big corporate roasters!

Nestle has apparently ‘issued a tender to buy Brazilian Coffee’ which sounds a bit like one of those wide and sweeping Stalinist statements of intent around cooperative farming and the inevitable starvation of our comrades which ensued doesn’t it!?

Inevitably, the ‘bovver boys’ Kraft and Douwe Egberts have followed suit…but all have added the interesting corollary of a requirement for sustainability certificates to accompany all tenders and subsequent purchases

Such a slip of paper soothes the corporate machine and its mechanical excuse for a conscience and ensures that ‘ducks are in row’ and ‘departments are on the same page’ for any ethical challenge which may ensue at some later date!

In the past, Starbucks would have operated in this broad brush manner… but following the ‘Black Gold’ expose and the disastrous PR which ensued after they challenged the legal right of Ethiopia’s regional farmers to trade mark and protect their regional varietals such as Djimmah and Sidamo (the effect of which would have been a price increase for our friends out of Seattle!) the business has been a little lower key and more reticent in its approach to the market and large scale purchasing!

From Aromo’s perspective we are not really fans of Ethical brands… a corporate badge which acts as a salve to our conscience…  the sad reality is that most of the ‘beomothic’ frameworks around today, which purport to protect the innocent farm workers, do not solve any problem….in fact they simply create a new machine of greed and control!

Surely that fact that the biggest corporate culprits are now ‘hoovering up’ ethical accreditations as if there is no tomorrow signals once and for all that this model is broken?

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