Better Espresso for Less!?

Mar 21, 2012



Better Espresso for Less!!

Periodically, Guru likes to cast a weather eye over the market place and in particular the NYC where the world’s Arabica coffees are traded

The last couple of months, have seen a transformation in the market of the last two years…..With a technically bearish market falling to 18 month lows, just above $1-80 / Lb, or in shillings and pence £1.10/ Lb, or  £2.50/ Kilo, for green bean excluding any differential

This despite many traders long term view of inevitable supply > demand issues next crop 2012 > 13

Interestingly, in this recent instance however, not only did the terminal market fall significantly, but differentials also eased…

This is unusual, as the typical ebb and flow of the market is that differentials tend to check and balance the terminal market price and therefore if one falls the other firms… for both to ease is interesting and is of course good news for trade and consumer

Honduras and Peru are now particularly competitive and are aggressively priced for nearby shipment

As a consequence Brazils ( which especially for accredited coffees such as Fair Trade / RFA and Utz etc)  have been historically high, have now also eased significantly for new crop shipment (July onwards) as much of the trade has switched part of their postions from Brazil ( the bread and butter ‘building block’ of just about every coffee and espresso blend)  into Central Amercian 2’s, typified by good mainstream origins such as Peru / Honduras and El Salvador

These Central American coffees are simply better quality… displaying more of the finer qualities and taste attributes which we, as High Street punters, demand and pay for… such as acidity … fine and delicate aroma… citrus notes… complex nose….

So overall good news for the consumer… better quality product for the same or lower price!

Of course the reality is you won’t be told that the blend is new and improved!

The art and craft of the master blender and roaster is that he will blend to a flavour match… therefore you will get a percetibly better product…. but you simply won’t notice…and unless the roaster or retailer suddenly has an epifany and decides to come clean about price and margin then you also won’t see the shelf price decrease… well I suppose you can’t have it both ways can you?

Well actually you can! Aromo has recently reviewed much of its pricing lower and yet still delivers the same fine quality ESE pods you know and love….

Whilst we understand the science of flavour families, we simply believe a consistently fabulous easy serving espresso experience is the real measure of success and satisfaction!

This article was written by Guru who writes for, the UK’s leading online retailer of 44mm E.S.E espresso coffee pods  and ESE pods

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