Banana saves espresso in shock horror horticultural expose!

May 16, 2013



Going Loco

A new report published by researchers from Africa’s International Institute of Tropical Agriculture suggests that Banana and coffee inter cropping could protect farmers from the effects of climate change in Uganda and other Eastern African coffee producing territories

Arabica is Uganda’s most important source of foreign exchange – but as we all know the prima donna Coffea Arabica is a sensitive flower and a mean temperature increase of just 1 degree Celsius results in an average loss of 98.4 kilo per hectare of raw green coffee and as well as minimizing the potential productive areas above the critical 1400m altitude

 So the banana tree can help reduce this loss by offering a shade protecting canopy to the vulnerable and venerable coffee tree…..

And- additionally, intercropping is beneficial for the farmer delivering and alternative source of income and  40% increased revenue per hectare- All good me thinks!

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