Austerity Espresso!

Feb 2, 2012



Economic Espresso

Beautiful espresso needn’t burn a hole in your pocket

Here at Aromo, we believe the ESE easy serving espresso pod is the simplest and most effective way to make and enjoy fresh perfetto espresso

During these times of economic doom and gloom, if you have been lucky enough to receive a lovely shiny espresso machine from Father Christmas, you may well be thinking that loose espresso grind product makes best economic sense!

Well – You would be wrong!

ESE easy serving espresso pods genuinely are the simplest, freshest and best value way to prepare fabulous espresso

Let’s assume you buy Tesco Fresh Espresso at £2.99 per pack of 227g

One of the cheaper variants available vs Waitrose at £3.29 and Illy at £5.89 for similar offerings

If you are careful with dosing and make no mess what so ever, then at 7 g a shot, you will squeeze 32 espressos from a bag, at a cost of 9.4 p each – Well done!

More likely however, you will imperceptibly over dose and you will make a bit of a mess…!

So on this assumption, at 10 g a shot; you are knocking on 14p per espresso…!

Still better than an ESE pod – Yes! Until you factor in the sure knowledge that within a week or two of opening, your pack of espresso will be stale…..So what do you do….? Grin and bear flat, bland, lack lustre espresso, or throw away a half used pack?

On this assumption – an assumption of reality – because who can regularly consume 20 + espressos in a few days…? Your Tesco’s Fresh Espresso starts costing +20 > 25 p per shot!

……Versus Aromo Buzz ESE Pods at a little over 19p… easy serving espresso pods, which guarantee fresh, crema filled, luxuriant super espresso each and every time

The ESE pod is one of those devastatingly simple inventions which genuinely makes life a little better…not tried it yet? Then order a box of our variety offering ‘Mixed Up’… and see what you have been missing!

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