Atomic Espresso – Sex on a caffeine stick

Mar 23, 2012



All I hear from Monster and Monkey is that they want an Atomic espresso hob brewer

A beautiful piece of 1950’s Italian chic, I agree it is ‘sex on a stick’ and I want one too…!
But for most of us, for the majority of our espresso drinking time on this planet, we will unfortunately have to resort to a Ford Mondeo type of service existence!!

Recently, a rather old and well used Atomic was flogged on ebay for nearly £200… So espresso machines can be a bit of an investment…

Now, before you make your decision as to what piece of equipment you chose to make your daily tipple and adorn your kitchen counter, take a deep breath and repeat to yourself that you…

 ‘…Will not fall into the Nespresso trap… and you will not allow Tassimo to pacify you’!! OK!!

This is most important…! Don’t chose the ‘I am a sucker’ lock n key route – ok!!??

Now we have that straight…well the market is your oyster! There are so many machines and so little time…. and all of them have some great little functions worth looking out for…. here is Gurus’ list of worthy features….

Pod Compatible / ESE Pod coffee

ESSENTIALESE pod compatible machines are a must…!! Make sure you have the baskets suitable for Ristretto, Single espresso and if you are a weirdo a double basket….


We are talking espresso here…..not filter…look for a minimum 8 bar… although the beautiful Francis Francis will take you higher baby …all the way to an alleged 15 bar…groovy!!


Cup Warmer

Not high tech…But a warm bit at the top of the machine where you keep your dusty cappuccino cups ready for service…dusty, only because you are an espresso drinker- right?!

Hot Water Dispenser

Simple , easy method of getting hot water for drinks like tea and hot chocolate…look if you have friends that drink that pap move town ok?!

Frothing / Steaming Wand

A method of producing steam and hot injected water for cappuccino and latte froths… look for a machine which operates the steam function from a separate boiler….. and if you are subsisting on a frothy coffee diet then look into therapy…

Strength controls

Some machines enable you to control the extraction time etc… Handy buttons…Digital displays….often called ‘Pause and serve’ or ‘ Pour/ no pour ‘or on and off… I personally prefer the on and off version 🙂

Pre-Moistening or pre infusion

Now this does matter… some machines enable you to pre infuse your product…sounds a bit anal, but it will greatly improve extraction and taste – trust me on this one ok!?

Water Filter

Yeah – ok a filter isn’t a bad idea… but you could always use bottled water… just make sure the water wasn’t left over from your last dinner party…

Look out for these basic features, as well as the general robustness of your machine… and you should get ….ohh at least 6 months good service! Just remember don’t choose one of the corporate lock and key capsule nightmares… ESE pods and easy serve espresso are the simple and most effective way to deliver and enjoy perfetto espresso…!

This article was written by Andy Grelak (Guru) who writes for, the UK’s leading online retailer of 44mm E.S.E espresso coffee pods



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