AROMO – Simply Tastes Great!

Jun 17, 2013



Aromo simply tastes so good

It is true isn’t it?


Our coffees do taste great and we are VERY proud of them indeed……As regular readers will know it took Monkey many months in the kitchen, with the marigolds, to attain the pinnacles of taste exclusivity which is the venerable Boost, Bounce, Buzz and Buzz Lite

But for some of you dear drinkers, it may well be a case of how can coffee which tastes so good not be accredited?

True- It is a fact that none of our coffees are badged and approved by the big  off the shelf accrediting bodies with their brands such as FT /RFA / UTZ

All of our coffees are however 4 C accredited- which means they adhere to the Common Code for Coffee Community

We do not use FT sourced beans because – for much of the last 3 years the market has traded at prices way above the FT Minimum Price

This is base threshold price which FT says is fair…..and so we can be assured that the farmers have received fair market value – can’t we?!

We also don’t use Fair Trade  beans because they are often of a poorer quality and less consistent across harvests

And finally – because if larger corporates like Kraft / Nestle etc are getting into ethically and sustainably sourced coffee product, then you know that the system must be broken somewhere!

Seriously though – we are just a small company and when demand shows us that there is an economic case to introduce an accredited coffee, then rest assured we will do so….. However, at this moment, all we are focusing on is building a following and a business base of happy espresso drinking customers!

Drink on dear hearts!

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