Aromo ESE Espresso Coffee website – Everything you need for 44mm E.S.E. Espresso coffee pods

Oct 12, 2011


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We have all been working hard on finishing the website in readiness for launch of our new espresso coffee pod blends later this month. As always we would like to hear from people about what they think of our website, how does it look, could we improve it, do you find the navigation easy? All comments are very welcome. Also we are running a Espresso coffee giveaway shortly – If you LIKE US on our Facebook Page then you can receive a £5 reduction on a purchase of espresso coffee pods. This offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer. We love our espresso coffee pods and we love our branding. You can visit the aromo coffee website to have a look at our E.S.E. espresso single serving coffee pods by clicking the website link.

If you like what you see, please do tell all your freinds. We are only a matter of days away from hitting the button so that we can allow our customers to start purchasing ESE espresso coffee pods online. The next update for the aromo coffee blog will be posted shortly.

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