Aroma – A simple Ingredient?

Oct 17, 2012



Aroma- the simple and perhaps the most important ingredient of great coffee… who doesn’t love the smell of freshly roasted coffee?


It is a very distinct and unique smell and one which is only produced from freshly roasted and ground coffees. Not from any type of instant coffee where instead some stale derivation of a coffee like aroma is produced – Other than the moment when you first ‘break the seal’ on a jar of soluble coffee and get a burst of flavour, which has been mechanically added back to the jar and sprayed on to the bean,  as an aromo retention process, at the end of the packing line!


So for roasted coffee the first thing to note is that the lighter the roast colour, the less aroma produced when the beans are liquored (Also less body and more acidity to the brew itself).

Such a brew  would be common place in Nordic territories- especially Finland for example…..and conversely for a darker roasted espresso style coffee which would be commonplace in Portugal , Spain and Italy

And indeed the change in the aroma produced between a light and a dark roasted coffee can be measured chromatically, with the aroma compounds furancarboxaldehyde 2 – furanmethanol and  acetic acid producing a typical score for a light coffee of chromatic value 89.6 and for a darker coffee 64.9


Because Aroma is is measurable, inevitably some scientists believe in the future that analysis may enable aroma data bases to be built….

These would enable better evolution of coffee blends and coffee qualities and could be invaluable in controlling roasting processes in the coffee industry. Does this mean in the future that as well as serving our coffee machines could also test and verify coffees?

Certainly, we know that Arabica coffees cannot be verified by their genetic make up and this inability to scientifically confirm the variety and provenance of original coffees is troubling – because ultimately as consumers how can we be assured of what we are buying……so machines may well come to our rescue!

Well perhaps not in my life time- but never say never!

Meantime, I fancy a Boost! Monkey get the machine cranked up!

Those in the know understand great coffee is not about the marketing and Tom Cruise style cocktail goings on..its about great quality coffee…fresh water …good pressure and the time and skill to make and enjoy your espresso moment
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