An Espresso Adventure…Worth the wait

Espresso – Expect your cup costs to increase says Guru!

You know the beauty of the Easy Serving Espresso (ESE) Espresso pod is its simplicity – No mess/ no fuss and always fresh….

I had the pleasure of Monkey and Monster round in my kitchen the other night for an espresso sampling session and gawd
the mess we made  with loose product…. the ESE pod really is a no brainer

Seems also to be a no brainer in the current climate that the price of your High Street espresso will continue to increase
despite the fact that the number of origins and overall availability or harvesting of coffee continues to rise

Did you know that there are over 8 m hectares of land cultivated worldwide, across more than 80 original territories, specifically
for the purpose of growing lovely coffee?

The 12 trillion coffee trees there were, last time Monkey counted ‘em, makes almost 8 m MT of green coffee each and every year

And if you think it takes up to 5 years for the very first harvest and then the tree will only produce perhaps 1.5 Lbs of green coffee
you start to realise that the world’s second largest traded commodity (  worth c.  80 > 100 B USD $) is a scarce and rare thing of beauty

The reality is (ignoring the rampage of the specs and funds across all commodity markets!) with increased consumption in origin – most notably from Brazil and of course the emergence of Chinese cafe culture, it is going to take some time for the market to ‘catch up’ with demand…

This is self evident if we look at any accredited coffee right now ,where demand is far out stripping supply…with the effect that
today a Brazilian Rainforest Alliance bean carries an absurd differential of c + 50 vs  a similarly accredited Central American bean  @ c + 25

That’s why we have taken such great care … and indeed too much time…. in perfecting the sourcing, blending and roasting of the superlative ESE Espresso recipes which now have the honour of wearing the aromo espresso logo!

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