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How are ESE Coffee Pods Made?

No Mess, No Fuss, and No Waste – Perfect Espresso Coffee. Every time.

The answer is simple and yet at the same time complicated! But, I suppose that’s why so many elements of the coffee trade retain a certain mystic and magic! It took ages to fine tune and agree our unique recipes and blends…however, once this was done the real work could start!


Monkey brings in the 60 and 69 kilo sacks of coffee which have been delivered to our door fresh from origin.

These are sorted and cupped by ourselves and our helpers, to make sure that they meet our high standards for consistency and flavour… once approved, we mix the blend by hand and place into the 60 kilo convection roaster. Enroute to the roaster, Monkey has invented a little machine that removes sticks, stones and other unwanted bits and bobs picked up from the coffee farms!

We believe convection roasting provides the most even and flavoursome roast available today…yes we would prefer a good old traditional drum roaster …but hey there we go!


The beans are carefully roasted under Monkey’s watchful eye, for 18 to 22 minutes, depending upon our strict recipe criteria – reaching temperatures in excess of 230 degrees centigrade. The roast process is not stopped by water (this is atypical and is called quenching) but by the beans then being emptied into a traditional paddle cooling tray.

We don’t add water back (although natural green bean contains 9 > 13% moisture and most shop coffees contain up to 5% water) because we know it affects the thickness and luxuriant nature of the crema you achieve in cup!

After roast, the beans continue to gently cool and are then left to rest….before they are pulsed round to the grinder…..where carefully and expertly they are quickly ground to the exacting espresso grind we want and need to make sure you enjoy every drop of the espresso blend you have purchased.

Again the blend rests before being then sent to pod packing machine we specify.


This is an IMA machine… a Ferrari amongst packing equipment – temperamental, but beautiful when in full flow… and capable of making thousands of pods per hour!

The espresso grind is carefully introduced to the IMA via the inlet chute – from where it is dosed to precisely 7 g and made into small cakes of crumbly espresso.

A long web of natural, unbleached filter paper is placed along the lower cups, the espresso cakes introduced from above and then an upper web is over laid and sealed under pressure around the cake – thus forming the pod itself. The pods are trimmed and then sent to pouch pack…where, flushed with a minute pulse of nitrogen, they are sealed into perfectly fitting Aluminium polyester pouches…keeping perfectly fresh and aromatic for up to 18 months. Amazing!

All that then remains is for Monkey to fill the boxes…put a sticker on and take them to the post office…well done Monkey!

aromo coffee team

How espresso coffee is served Today

Are you on trend?

Cafe Culture has grown massively since it first hit our High Streets in the 1990s.

Nearly 20 years later and despite the economic meltdown and credit crunch, British consumers’ desire for fine quality, espresso based, gourmet beverages seems to show no sign of a baiting!

The facts

The global machine market is valued at an incredible 66M units or 3.5 B € pa and is growing fast and at the same changing rapidly.

In 2004, 20% of the total EU equipment market was Espresso based and 80% Filter…

In 2012, this is forecast to be 38% Espresso and 62% Filter…

And within the Espresso segment –

In 2004, only 21% was portioned (single serve) with this forecast to rocket to + 60% by 2012.

There is a clear shift in the machine mix away from Filter to Espresso…


…From loose product, to portioned solutions, such ESE, Easy Serving Espresso.

Domestic sales in this sector account for some 75% market share and away from home 25%.

Whilst non portioned business will remain hugely influential in the market place, portions are expected to realise 15 % of all coffee consumption by 2015 and take 25% of the total coffee market by value, achieving a CAGR 2005 > 2015 of up to 30%.

So the facts speak for themselves…I know, I know, lies, damn lies and statistics..!

But, the High Street Gourmet coffee revolution has opened a ‘flood gate’ and consumers not only now expect a consistently good experience when away from home, but also have clear benchmarks by which to measure quality….. And increasingly they want the same experience and quality at home.

This is where we believe the ESE Easy Serving Espresso concept has much to deliver and is certainly a ‘right time right place’ innovation for our domestic and catering market place.

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Would you believe it was only last year that Freeze Dried coffee over took agglomerate in the UK Retail market place?

This may well seem ‘Double Dutch’…but what this means in terms of brands and quality, is that for example ‘Gold Blend’ and its quality compatriots, have only just over taken ‘Nescafe Original’ and ‘Mellow Birds’…worrying times indeed!

The result however is that we Brits still like a milky coffee…

Americano remains the most popular coffee beverage in the UK trade, at 40% share, followed by Cappuccino (35%) Latte (10%) and Espresso (5%)…

In Branded High Street Chains the picture is a little different, with Cappuccino and Latte predominating at 85% share….

Let’s not forget that the humble and beautiful espresso is the father for all of these creamy frothy delights!

And each week some 85 m gourmet coffees are served, that’s 4 billion annually! That’s a lot of espresso!

The top chains sell c 750 m beverages annually. McDonalds leads the way with approximately 400m beverages, followed by Costa and Tesco at approximately 100 – 125m each and then we have the likes of Starbucks and Nero each serving 50 > 75 m beverages pa….

That still leaves a huge opportunity for the smaller chain and independent operator… and one which is – when all elements are right – hugely profitable!

Thank goodness for the industry standard ESE Easy Serving Espresso Pod eh??!

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The Perfetto Espresso

It’s a subject both constant and dear to our hearts…..And despite sending Monkey away on numerous courses; he still can’t get his Latte Art quite right….

But what even Monkey realises is, that there is more to a successful gourmet beverage than simply milk frothing….

Chose your blend carefully – we certainly recommend some Robusta! Make sure it is superbly fresh and appropriately packed to seal in that freshness and aroma…

Dose correctly – 7 g is all you need for a perfect shot

Make sure your machine is clean… and delivering clean hot water (c 90 degrees) at the correct pressure and for the allocated extraction period of 25 > 28 seconds. As required, use an ESE adaptor basket…just a couple of quid from your machine supplier or spare parts retailer…And have a few practice runs to get your art and your technique right…!

And what is the right technique? Well, whatever makes you feel comfortable in the role of barista…with the ultimate aim of producing a 35 ml shot of pure, heavenly espresso, topped with a thick and…. hmmm…. juicy crema!

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NO Mess. NO Fuss. NO Waste…


Compostable. Compatible. Clean and Consistent…

At home, or at work, we guarantee you won’t be disappointed… So says Monkey and he knows….!