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You may have some questions about the coffee pods or how to use them. This is the place to answer all of your questions:

How do you make espresso with a coffee pod?

Choose your blend….traditionalists prefer some Robusta…we certainly like it this way!

Place your order! Monkey posts it to you, Open the box, Turn on your machine and allow it to reach temperature, Carefully tear open the pod pouch.

Place the pod snugly inside the stainless steel basket at the end of your espresso group handle

You may need a basket adaptor which we can supply…but broadly, the pod should sit neatly inside the basket, water should not be able to seep around the sides of the pod and the pod must be no more than c 5 mm from your shower head (where the water comes out)

Apply the group handle firmly and tightly to the machine…Select a suitable espresso cup – ideally warmed..Press ‘go’… and watch the espresso pour…this first pour is called the ‘mouse tail’…lighter at first …

If your machine does not automatically switch off after making each drink, then pour to the desired size, or for no more than 30 seconds…otherwise,  you brew the harsher flavour characteristics which you don’t really want

Remove the spent pod

Enjoy your drink or forth some milk – my preference espresso macchiato!

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How long does a foil wrapped pod last?

The natural enemy of coffee is oxygen -That’s what makes it go stale, uninspiring and musty in flavour. Your pod has been packed under a protective atmosphere, with nitrogen, to make sure it remains ready for peak performance, for up to 18 months, from the date of production

The pod is packed in an aluminium foil, with a shiny polyester top layer – the best barrier property material we know

The best before date is printed on the front of the pack and is shown, as for example, ‘May 13’, this means good before May 2013!

Keep your pods in their protective pack until you need to use them! And store them in a cool dry spot…away from strong odours and direct sunlight

Once unwrapped – use immediately…or certainly that day… the coffee will  stale within a matter of a few days

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Is the Coffee Pod Recyclable?

Yes? Compost it with your potato peelings and apple cores 

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I am not sure what Blend is right for me?

If you are an at home novice Barista…start off with our best blend… BOOST and work your way down the quality hierarchy we have created

BOOST is an exceptionally fine and authentic espresso – dark, powerful and with Robusta. We specify Robusta, because it helps the production of crema on top of your espresso

BOUNCE is perhaps a tad darker, but is 100% Arabica. If you want top 100% Arabica quality go for this one

BUZZ is a traditional espresso – dark and robust… if you have enjoyed an espresso on holiday, in the Mediterranean, this is the one for you

BUZZ LITE is according to Monster ‘suitable for girls’ not Cowboys…but I know boys who like it too! As dark as the others…but has a slightly lighter mouth feel and perhaps just a nudge more acidity…probably from the decaffeination process

Can’t make your mind up? Then simples…chose MIXED UP and have a trial run… remember you are the expert and ultimately it is all a matter of personal taste

If you are a caterer, then I would recommend BUZZ… as good as anything else out there on the High Street…or for something special try BOOST…trust me, it is Grand Cru quality

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What happens if I do not like the coffee?

Any feedback is also always appreciated, so we can keep Monkey on his toes in the factory…!

However unfortunately due to food safety standards we cannot accept opened or used products back for refund or exchange.

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Do you supply the catering trade?

Yes, absolutely, happy to oblige! We will sell our hand crafted ESE pods to anyone!

The 100’s packs are designed especially with you guys and girls in mind

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Is your coffee ethically sourced, Fair Trade, Rain Forest Alliance or UTZ?

We can confirm that none of the Aromo range is a Fair Trade sourced coffee product

In fact none of our coffees are accredited by the big  off the shelf accrediting bodies with  their brands such as Fair Trade or Rain Forest Alliance or UTZ

All of our coffees, however, are 4C accredited– which means they adhere to the Common Code for Coffee Community

We do not use Fair Trade sourced beans because – for much of the last 3 years the market has traded at prices way above the Fair Trade Minimum Price. This is base threshold price which Fair Trade says is fair…..and so we can be assured that the farmers have received fair market value.

We also don’t use Fair Trade beans because they are often of a poorer quality and less consistent, and because if larger corporates like Kraft / Nestle etc are getting into ethically and sustainably sourced coffee product then you know that the system must be broken somewhere!

Seriously though – we are just a small company and when demand shows us that there is an economic case to introduce an accredited coffee, then rest assured we will do so….. however, at this moment, all we are focussing on is building a following and a business  base of happy espresso drinking customers.

Do you offer a subscription service?

We are looking into this at the moment.

How long does it take to get my espresso pods?

Order by 4 pm and the pods are despatched that night and so should be with you the following working day…let’s keep Monkey busy!

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What is espresso?

Espresso is a very concentrated coffee beverage, made by forcing a small amount (c 30 > 35 ml) of nearly boiling water (85 >90 degrees centigrade) under pressure (8 > 15 bar) through very finely ground coffee

Espresso is ‘thicker’ and has more mouth feel and body than coffee brewed by other methods. In terms of mouth feel, think full fat milk and skimmed….you know that ‘watery’ sensation…?

It also has more caffeine and a higher concentration of suspended and dissolved solids, as well as the all important crema, or tan coloured foam, which tops each espresso and captures the fabulous aromas in the liquor beneath

As a result of the pressurized brewing process, the flavours and chemicals in a typical espresso are very concentrated and often complex. Espresso is the base for other drinks, such as a latte, cappuccino, macchiato, mocha, and americano.

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How do I make a Caffe Latte?

Make your espresso

Pour cool, half fat milk, into a stainless steel jug

Purge your steam wand…give it a spurt!

Point your steam wand at an angle of 45 degrees into the milk (about 2 > 5 cm under the surface of the milk depending upon the size of your jug)

You may need to adjust the angle you hold the jug at to achieve the correct 45 degree position! This will steam and heat the milk…

Keep your finger on the base of the jug to best judge temperature…when it gets warm / hot slowly withdraw the wand, to just below the surface of the milk and allow it to turn and swirl the milk, without spitting – this creates the froth

When the milk has frothed and creamed, turn off the steam arm, or wand, and gently tap and agitate the milk on your work top. Pour the milk into a 10 > 12 oz cup or mug and then gently pour your pre prepared espresso shot(s) into the milk…finally dust with what takes your fancy!