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Some background information about Aromo Coffee and the guys running it.

Coffee is personal – and the Coffee Trade is an international community

We are three ordinary guys, who simply live and love espresso and the mystic of coffee….

Brought up in the 1970s, we fell in love with Joanna Lumley and still remember Gareth Hunt shaking his hand with the Nescafe beans! Things change and change should be continuous…but for whatever reason there hasn’t been much innovation in the coffee world recently has there?

Yes- ‘Nespresso’ and ‘Flat Whites’ have kept the corporate machine busy  ….. But consumers have grown wiser and more demanding and the ‘old hat’ of unusual original coffees or Gold Blend moments and instant coffee mixed with some roast and ground leaves us …well….feeling cold…..

We are grounded… we live in the real world…where yes we want to enjoy espresso – we want to play the Barista in our coffee kitchen, or at a dinner party, but we also want to be reassured we are getting fresh, great quality, authentic espresso, which we can simply and easily use at home to get a consistently great espresso and beautiful crema each time!

Hence the ESE pod!..Invented more than 20 years ago, it seems to have languished in the coffee wilderness ….Dr Ernesto Illy devised it…..he knows a thing or two and guess what it works! So we thought, let’s bring new life and a new buzz to this well proven and credible method of making the perfect, fresh espresso

aromo coffee team

Aromo Guru has worked in the coffee trade for nearly 20 years. He consults to the some of the top catering and retail operators in this country and Europe. What he doesn’t know and who he doesn’t know in the European coffee trade are not really worth knowing…..Often at the gym He takes care of himself and dresses to impress: We don’t let him go on too many european coffee buying trips as he spends most of his time in Gucci, Prada or Valentino!

Favourite Cup: Boost Espresso. No milk. No Sugar.

Aromo Monkey is the espresso addict… raving about crema colours… the nuances of taste and the style and curve of his latest espresso cup and saucer, whilst wondering why he can’t focus after his 18th espresso that morning…. (Oh yes, did I forget to mention, he is always blogging and talks as much as he drinks espresso!)

Favourite Cup: Boost Espresso with Sugar or Americano. Milk. Sugar.

Aromo Monster is the espresso chav…! Loves his espresso but has no real idea about it…he is simply a hedonistic gourmand, whose whims and desires we listen to – he also happens to help us with the computer geek bits…..! if you found your way here, chances are it’s becasue of the Monster!

Favourite Cup: Bounce Espresso. Sugar.

monkey from aromo coffee pods

It’s all about you

We have tried hard to get this right, genuinely tasting and reviewing over and over again blends, origins, roasts and design. All with  the aim of making sure you get your espresso hit when you need it, to the standards of freshness and taste you expect and with a little bit of tongue in cheek.

Enjoy Aromo and forget about the baggage of naughties brands, where every consumable item becomes a life style statement…this is simply great product, delivered to your door, with a twist!

No mess. No Waste. No fuss. Just great espresso coffee every time. Period.

If you woud like to get in contact with us you can email us at hello@aromocoffee.co.uk or write to us at:

Aromo Coffee Ltd,
Units 1 – 3 Weston Street
Lancashire. BL3 2SB
email: hello@aromocoffee.co.uk
HELPLINE: 0800 644 6650

Registered in England, Company number: 7778563

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