A World running on coffee!

Dec 24, 2012




Some Barista in a far-flung shopping mall in the depths of Middle America has recently advised us all that ‘the world is run on coffee’

Now his premise, was that his punters needed one or more coffees a day to keep ‘em going during their 12 hour shifts at work – all good and of course and I can’t disagree with the principle

The guy is right !

But not because of his punters ‘need for coffee’, this is but just the smallest microcosm of what is the world’s second largest traded commodity employing 25 million people globally – 5 million of them alone in origin  managing farming  and harvesting 70% of which takes place ion small family holdings….

But he is right because – here in Europe we drink the most coffee in the world… 12 kilo pa per capita in Finland and now here in the UK 4 m cups of coffee each week !

He is right – because there are something like 3 trillion coffee trees globally, each producing the 42 beans it takes to make each and every espresso we enjoy

He is right – because would you believe in Latin America that nearly 50% of all crop land is taken up with coffee agronomy and that in Burundi 80% of all export income is derived from coffee

And he is right because Voltaire must have been mad to allegedly drink 50 cups of the brew a day

Our world is run on, by and with coffee – without the world would indeed be a poorer place- so we doff our caps to Khaldi the goat herder- and whilst you chaps do that……

It is an essential we could not live without- SOI!! Monkey fire up the Francis for a perfetto espresso moment – PLEASE!!

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