A name, a name, a kingdom for a name! How difficult naming a coffee can be

Sep 17, 2011



We have been at this naming coffee for a while now. Still we don’t agree, but I feel the end is getting closer. Now we have decided that the ESE espresso easy serving coffee pods will be called: BOUNCE, BOOST, BUZZ and BUZZ LITE (the decaffeinated espresso version). SO now we get onto the images for the brand of coffee. Quite a few ideas here, none particularly coffee related, but does that matter? We want to be a little different than the rest of the easy serving espresso market like Nespresso and Senseo.

Well what do you all think out there. Anyone brave enough to make a suitable comment whether they like the designs or not? If you do have an opinion I would love to hear it so please post a reply to this part of the coffee blog and I will read it.

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