A Cup of ‘Joe’ in Paris?? May be not!!

Jun 5, 2013



Europeans drinking North American coffee- NEVER in a month of Sundays!

It is often said that we are two nations separated by a common language… our cousins across the pond often seem to be ahead of the curve when it comes to trends and technology for example…. and in most respects this model has rung true form the 1940s to the present day – Consider if you will, how the UK has embraced the second wave of coffee culture and branded cafe bar chains!

Today, however, the ‘European drinkers association’ (My terminology – excuse me!) is moving ahead of our US friends and the single serve battle ground shows this in sharp focus

The typical American drinks 276 cups of ‘Joe’ every year and the typical French man and impressive 395!

But,the type of coffee drunk is completely different… !

The American preferring a big bucket style 300ml drink made with 32 g of coffee per litre, versus the Frenchman, gently sipping a 150 ml beverage made with a whopping 45g of coffee per litre

We also prefer coffee beverages made under pressure here in Europe – hence Espresso and Americano and the increase in ESE Coffee Pods sales ( Other than our more refined Nordic cousins who prefer the simpler and more seductive attraction of filter!)

This has manifest Nespresso and its many copycats

Instead, in North America, the Green Mountain Keurig system, which pumps at little pressure and which serves a range of hot drinks is preferred… hence why Nespresso only has a 3% share of the US market and why for example Tassimo has an impressive 1% of the single serve sector in Portugal!

Ah…vive la difference eh? Variety in the coffee trade is certainly the spice of life!! Now Monkey time for a perfetto espresso please!

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