The Aromo Guide to Christmas Day

Dec 23, 2011



Happy Aromo Espresso Christmas

Would you believe that during 2011 it is estimated that £35 m worth of retail / domestic espresso and filter coffee machines will have been bought in the UK?

That equals a lot of domestic machines! But is still only a fraction of the German market for example where c £350m will have been spent… and the global market which is valued at some 3 > 3.5 B £

And the peak time for purchase is Christmas!

Greater than 70% of all machines purchased for domestic at home use will be espresso based machines… and the majority of these will be able to use either loose product or ese easy serving espresso pods

So if you have been lucky enough to get a brand new piece of espresso kit this Christmas you really should try our Aromo Mixed Up pack…18 wonderful and carefully crafted ese easy serving espresso pods which allow you to sample and savour the breadth of taste experiences which is the Aromo ese espresso range

I would start your Christmas day with a Buzz…lunch time I would have a Bounce or two post Turkey or Duck…. and  follow this up late afternoon with some fine chocolate and a Boost before you fall in a heap in front of the TV….. and for the evening shift…. why the obvious choice is a Buzz Lite… your whole day then…mapped out courtesy of Aromo ese espresso pods!

Merry Christmas!

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