58,400 Mornings with Espresso

Espresso – Health and Wealth and Happiness

Monkey is feeling a little sad today – he’d run out of ESE pods and hadn’t been able to have his usual fifth espresso this morning and so Guru has decided to try and cheer him up a little

Did you know that aromo ESE espresso coffee pods…not only taste fantastic …perform consistently… are probably the best value,
superbly crafted espresso pods you will find on the internet …but also that they are actually incredibly good for you ( as part of Monkey’s balanced diet of espresso, banana and Marlboro of course)

My earlier blog focussed on antioxidants…..those wonderful things that eat up nasty free radicals in our bodies…

Well did you also know that a typical espresso roast coffee has lower levels of acrylamide than standard coffee?


Well it’s true…. acrylamide is a carcinogen that is created when any starchy food stuffs are roasted, fried, baked or toasted…your
mum was always right when she told you scrape the black bits off your toast then!

It first came to public notice in 2002 when the Swedish Food Administration reported unexpectedly high levels of acrylamide in carbohydrate rich foods

Trouble then as coffee beans are cooked…! ? Well yes and no, if your favourite tipple is a rich and inviting espresso…..

….Because espresso is roasted to a relatively dark degree, at which the level of acrylamide is significantly reduced!

And unlike typical over cooking of other starchy foodstuffs…. a dark roast brings out the full wham bang of the intense
espresso flavour and hit we all desire… so aromo ESE espresso coffee pods are not only the best available….seems they will also make you live until you are at least 200 years old at this rate… oh dear only another 58,400 espresso mornings to go with Monkey then….!




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