What Origins we use in our ESE espresso pods and why we specify nothing less!!

Sep 30, 2011


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Aromo Original Coffee Review

What Origins we use in our ESE espresso pods  and why we specify nothing less!!

Sumatran Mahandeling Grade 1

Outside Arabia and Ethiopia, Indonesia became the first region where coffee was widely cultivated.

Records show Arabica coffee was first introduced in 1696, by the Dutch governor of Malabar, India, who sent his colleague Henricus Zwardecroon, the Dutch governor of  Jakarta a selection of seedlings. These first plants were established at Kadawoeng, and were added to by further seedlings from Malabar which arrived in 1699.

First exports to Europe were in 1711 and within 10 years with the assistance of the Colonial government more than 60 tonnes pa was being shipped to Europe.

Today an astonishing 92% of all Indonesian coffee is grown by small holders and Indonesia is now the world’s third largest coffee exporter – following the recent demise of Colombia – sitting behind Vietnam and Brazil. Around the Eastern regions of Sumatra and especially in the vicinity of Lake Toba excellent speciality coffees are grown.

These include Sidikalang Arabica which is farmed west of Lake Toba. Although located near to the famous Lintong area, Sidikalang Arabica has a distinctive flavour profile, acidic, not to heavy and earthy , and is closer to the prized  wet processed classic Mandheling which grows in North Sumatra and which  is often referred to as Sumatra Mandheling Arabica.

Sumatran Mandhelings are fabulous coffees –complex and satisfying, like your favourite bar of Bourneville, bitter fruit melded perfectly into one wowweee of an intense espresso hit

Enjoy our Bounce ESE pods and savour the rich and dark flavour – safe in the knowledge you are enjoying a piece of coffee history.

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