Coffee Lobotomy – The Corporate Way :)

Nov 6, 2013



Old Cynics and Old Habits Die Hard


Whiling away my Sunday afternoon, catching up on on old trade news clippings, Guru couldn’t help but wince at one innocuous little gem of a story entitled –


Mondelez International Helps Coffee Farmers in Vietnam to Become More Successful Entrepreneurs

Posted in the Wall St Journal a few months back this little ditty explains how the Ex Kraft giant beomoth is going to make ‘coffee happy’… the very thought of which makes my hackles rise…

 ‘$200 m to empower one million coffee farmers by 2020’ is a powerful and motivating statement…


A company man advised us readers “Coffee Made Happy is focused on helping farmers to become more successful entrepreneurs by working with partners to improve coffee production and business skills…’

He continued ‘Farmers are learning how to manage their businesses more effectively through simple tools like profit-and-loss log books, and they’re using new skills to grow more coffee with fewer resources, leading to more productive and profitable farms.’

All excellent news on the one hand….


On the other it seems that the corporates wish to plasticise and amortise and re brand all elements of every single commodity item… even that of the life of the humble Vietnamese coffee farmer… And why?


Because coffee is precious and there is no infinite supply… hence with the rise of the nouveau riche from China to India and Brazil we can expect consumption to explode…

 And if your business, your bonus and your bank balance depends upon touting about instant coffee…typically 80 > 100% of which is Robusta coffee, then how better to both ensure consistency of supply but also to manage the supply demand equilibrium to economic advantage than to simply ‘buy the grower business’…?


Simple eh?

The corporate hoover trundling through the micro allotments sucking up the  growers… A fearful vision  and one pretty much as  horrendous as the nightmarish vision portrayed in ‘Grapes of Wrath’


This is indeed a worrying vision of a future business with its heart and its head removed


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