£15,000 Espresso Habit

Apr 1, 2012



A £15,000 Espresso habit

I understand that there was a snippet in that august tome ‘The Sun’ the other day, which advised that a one a day high street gourmet coffee love affair would over a typical working / commuting life time amount to a fifteen thousand pounds or more spend!

And an intake of some 40 to 50 litres of brown liquor and semi skimmed milk a year…. and believe it or not a habit which generated some 60,000 calories every 12 months – whoops!

Could Gourmet coffee be the crack cocaine of the next decade…with millions of hapless and mournful commuters hooked on their red eye caffeine fix?

Certainly, selling coffee is a highly profitable business and so no doubt the retailers will do all they can to feed and encourage the habit – and perhaps inevitably the government will introduce some nebulous coffee tax or preposterous espresso levy

It’s amazing isn’t it? Perfetto espresso becomes a drug habit and a highly taxed lifestyle statement

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